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HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention For Skin Penetration Treatments

About This Course

Maintain infection prevention for skin penetration treatments describes the skills and knowledge required of healthcare workers in office practice settings to comply with infection control regulations, standards, guidelines, policy and procedures and to identify, manage and control infection risks to clients, themselves and other health care workers. Government Accredited Course. Now compulsory for all therapists.

Course Outcome

The aim of infection control is to prevent and control the spread of infection to others and yourself. We do this by using safe work practices based on knowledge of microbiology and spread of infection. Under the law, if you provide a high-risk personal appearance service, your business or the business you work for will need to be licensed with your local government.

Examples of high-risk appearance services include: Cosmetic tattooing, Permanent makeup, Body tattooing, Body piercing, Scarring or cutting a person’s skin to make a permanent mark, pattern or design, Implanting natural or synthetic substances into a person’s skin. The above mentioned is skin penetration, which means that during the procedure the skin or mucous membrane is broken. You must have an approved infection control qualification to apply the above services. There are many other Federal and State standards and guidelines published to give you advice on how to control infection risks within your work environment.

Who's This Course For?

This course is suited to Beauty Therapists or Business Owners, Laser Operators, Cosmetic Tattoo Operators.

Course Specifics

Intake Dates Enrolments are ongoing > Enrol Now!
Course Duration Approximately 35 Hours required
Course Delivery Self-paced learning via Paperback Learner Guide or Online Learning Portal
Course Relation Stand Alone Course & Core Unit | HLTINF005 | 10693NAT | SHB60118 | SHBBSHS003
Course Fees Online Portal: $450 | Paperback Learner Guide: $500

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  Is this course approved by city councils for covering operators for micro-needling treatments?
A  Yes, this course meets the requirements of local city councils health and safety approvals requiring any operators offering skin penetration treatments to have knowledge and practise in infection prevention.

Q  Can I complete this course remotely as I cannot easily travel to the posted assessment locations?
A  Yes, we can still make arrangements to meet your needs. Please call 1800 628 999 to speak with us to confirm appropriate standards are met.

Q  Will I still have support if I have questions and need help in other areas of the course?
A  Yes, we have support personal available to help answer your questions even if you select the online delivery methods.

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HLTINF005 Maintain Infection Prevention For Skin Penetration Treatments

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