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Why Study With Clinical Therapies & Laser Institute

Industry Leader

We are constantly improving our training packages and have a focus in delivering the knowledge required to devolope advanced therapists.

Face-to-Face Training

We all have a limited number of hours to achieve our goals, so we have training options to help fit with your schedule and placement.

Experienced Trainers

We understand that to deliver the best, you need training from those with experience. We’re backed with over 30 years experience!

Industry Regulations

As a long time provider of skin and laser training we strive to deliver critical information about regulation changes that impact the industry.

Basic to Advanced Training

We understand that we have to start somewhere in our career, so we have some key training elements that can propel you to your advancement.

Latest Equipment

As technology advances we implement new protocols and use of new equipment to help our students stay ahead of the rest.

We want you to grow, that’s why we do what we do

At Clinical Therapies & Laser Institute we have a focus on not doing ordinary. Our mission is to equip students with an advanced set of skills in the areas of knowledge, observation, planning and application. Through the focus on these points we are striving to lift the industry skills and observance of constant learning and improvement in service quality and implementing of new protocols.

Nationally Accredited Courses

Course & Training Units

We're working with industry finance experts prepared for your future needs

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