About This Course

The course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills to safely and effectively perform the following:

  • Prepare clients and apply fractional laser and/or fractional radio frequency protocols for invasive and non-invasive treatments

Course Outcome

  • Understand the science behind fractional lasers and fractional radio frequency
  • Understand the consultation process.
  • Understand fractional laser and fractional radio frequency therapy contraindications and adverse reactions with downtime and client suitability.
  • Be able to advise clients on post treatment self-care.
  • Be able to apply infection control measures.
  • Be able to provide safe & effective treatments for clients suitable for these treatments

On successful completion of the unit CLDSRR805 Perform Skin Rejuvenation and Resurfacing with Fractional Laser and its prerequisite units, students will receive credit towards the Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Lasers and Dermal Therapies, or Statement of Attainment for this Unit.

Who's This Course For?

You must be a Beauty Therapist, Nurse or Healthcare Professional. This course is suited to:

  • Beauty Therapists with a minimum 2 years experience
  • Doctors, Nurses or Healthcare Professionals

Course Specifics

Intake Dates Enrolments are ongoing > Enrol Now!
Course Duration 12 Weeks
Course Delivery Self-paced learning via Paperback Learner Guide or Online Learning Portal
Practical Hands-on Application by Appointment Scheduled
Course Relation Stand Alone Course Unit & Core Unit | 10693NAT
Course Fees Online Portal: $4,250 | Paperback Learner Guide: $4,250

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