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How To Get Your Tattoo Removal Licence

Here are 4 main steps to progress through with the aim of being a qualified Laser Tattoo Removal Operator, plus a extra one should you be business minded.


  1. Complete an Approved Laser Safety Course
    • You can find a list of approved training facilities on the Queensland Radiation Health (QRH) site.
    • Our course is one such course and has been provided for the past 11 years for over 1,320 attendees.
  2. Complete an Infection Control Course
    • Can be done through Tafe externally or with one of our training partners on the following day.
    • You can also do the course with our training partner externally and have direct phone assistance.
  1. Submit Application for Trainee Licence
    • Submit an Application for Trainee Licence for the particular laser devices you will need to use. ie Q-Switched Lasers for Tattoo Removal.
    • This application can take a minimum of 6 weeks to be processed and it is advised that you note the location that you will be doing your Laser Training Hours at.
    • You will be provided a Trainee Licence which will require you to complete ‘x’ number of hours with an approved trainer, usually 100 hours for Tattoo Removal
  2. Submit Application for Use Licence
    • Once completing you required training hours, evidence of this along with an approval letter from your trainer will need to be submitted with a new application for a Use Licence to QRH along with payment details.
    • This application approval may also take a minimum of 6 weeks to have processed and confirmed.
    • You will be mailed your certificate and can now use a laser device for the reasons listed on the certificate, ie Tattoo Removal.
  3. Starting a Business and using Lasers
    • Should you be the entrepreneurial type and wish to start your own business providing Tattoo Removal services then you will also need to complete the following:
    • Produce a Radiation Safety Protection Plan (RSPP) which will need to be approved by QRH.
    • Have your premises setup correctly for use of a Laser Device and be approved.
    • Submit application for Approval to Possess Radiation Device
    • Purchase a device that is safe and approved, and for the direct purpose of Tattoo Removal.

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