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  • What is a USI Number?

    A USI number is a "Unique Student Identification" number issued by Department of Industry. For more information or to register for a USI number, please visit (will open in new page). For personal security reasons we suggest you apply for your own and then come back and complete this enrolment.

  • Can I complete this course remotely as I cannot easily travel to the posted assessment locations?

    Yes, we can still make arrangements to meet your needs. Please call 1800 628 999 to speak with us to confirm appropriate standards are met.

  • Will I still have support if I have questions and need help in other areas of the course?

    Yes, we have support personal available to help answer your questions even if you select the online delivery methods.

  • Is this course approved by city councils for covering operators for micro-needling treatments?

    Yes, this course meets the requirements of local city councils health and safety approvals requiring any operators offering skin penetration treatments to have knowledge and practise in infection prevention.

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