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About Clinical Therapies & Laser Institute

At Clinical Therapies and Laser Institute, we believe that a person’s future is determined by their passion and propelled by excellence, confidence and commitment. We get excited when meeting such students and believe we help propel ones learning endeavours by sharing our belief in their potential.

In many of our training situation we really enjoy the face to face teaching environment, as motivated learners are free to ask the questions as and when they come to mind. Our real difference to our delivery is our approach, “Learning by Doing”. Driven by the vast experience our team has, we really believe that hands-on learning improves ones skills and launches a graduate into the specialist area powered by passion.

We’re always just a phone call away
Our knowledgeable team can help with any questions you may have

The expert services and operation of Clinical Therapies & Laser Institute is handled by an excellent team of people looking to help in anyway possible. With a total industry experience soaring above 50+ years, there’s not too many tricky questions remaining they they haven’t handled before.

Metro-Dora Clifford

CEO & Training Director

Monica Caruana

RTO Admin & Trainer

Daniel Clifford

IT & Operations Support

Why Study With Clinical Therapies & Laser Institute

Industry Leader

We are constantly improving our training packages and have a focus in delivering the knowledge required to devolope advanced therapists.

Face-to-Face Training

We all have a limited number of hours to achieve our goals, so we have training options to help fit with your schedule and placement.

Experienced Trainers

We understand that to deliver the best, you need training from those with experience. We’re backed with over 30 years experience!

Industry Regulations

As a long time provider of skin and laser training we strive to deliver critical information about regulation changes that impact the industry.

Basic to Advanced Training

We understand that we have to start somewhere in our career, so we have some key training elements that can propel you to your advancement.

Latest Equipment

As technology advances we implement new protocols and use of new equipment to help our students stay ahead of the rest.

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